MC Min - artist, musician, astrology connoisseur, humanitarian, feminist. This South Philadelphian built himself from the ground up into someone he is more than proud of - and someone you want to know. I had the opportunity to talk with Amin himself about his past, his future, and most importantly - his art.

photo by Jared Lopez (@shotbythebird)

How would you describe yourself to someone who's never met you before?
Eccentric, blunt and honest, very kind-hearted, caring, unapologetically himself, level-headed in a cool, calm, and collective manner; very wise.

How would you describe your art?
Versatile, sensual, explosive, a turn-up/bop.

How has living in Philadelphia impacted you as an artist?
In a HUGE way - there's literally art EVERYWHERE. I fucking love this city, man, especially the underground scene. I always knew there were hidden gems and secrets in the underground scene of Philly, but I never imagined it to be so creative and beautiful. Literally everyone I meet is a reflection of me when I was a kid growing up - an outcast, weirdo, cool as fuck - just overall, different from the norm.

How do you feel your upbringing and past has molded you into the artist you are today?
Well I grew up in the trenches of South Philadelphia, so I've pretty much seen and been through it all. Like I've been jumped, shot, knocked out cold; lost people very close to me due to gun violence. So I started off with the norm vocab like everyone else from the hood, but I grew up really optimistic. I like to look at the good side of things rather than the bad. I just embrace the darkness for what it is and move on. So I'm now in the process of dropping music with higher vocabulary and I want to get more personal this year with my music, like stuff that represents me because I really just ignore the bad aspects of my life when it comes down to my music. I just wanna have fun and speak on good times and turn up, but like I said, I'm gonna get a lot more personal with who 'Amin' really is.

photo by @camzido

Who inspires you, in your life and in your art?
Everything and everyone that I come in contact with inspires me, but my closest relationships and partnerships impact my music the most - I usually just write what I feel and reword it/dumb it down. No diss to the rest of the world, but for my age, I know I'm a bit too knowledgeable for my age group and the music I've been making is for teenagers, more or less. Personally, my biggest inspirations are my father, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, and Pharrell. I really like the flow and rhyme schemes of this generation's rappers as well.

You discuss topics such as spirituality, astrology, and energy on your social platforms often. Have these things always been so meaningful to you, or have you been put on to this lifestyle?
No, they have not, actually. I just started digging deep into astrology in 2016 when I was at the worst point of time in my life. I was homeless, sleeping in my car - just really depressed and disappointed in how my life got to where it was. Rather than saying 'God, why me?', I asked myself, 'How the fuck did I get here?! I'm like, the nicest person I know' - but just because you're a nice person doesn't mean you're a great one. So I googled 'negative Pisces personality traits' and I came to find out everything was 90% true. The only one that wasn't was insecurity - I personally think I'm handsome as fuck and embrace being only 5'6.5 to the fullest - but yeah, I really just turned my life around after reading that. Like 'Pisces are liars, bad with money, super manipulative, etcetera'. So I made it my New Year's resolution to stop lying overall in 2017, and then, come to find out my name in Arabic actually means 'faithfulness and honesty'. As I started working on myself with human development from the inside-out, as time went on, my spirituality grew more and more. All of the dots from the universe started really connecting. I was ALWAYS big on religion or a higher purpose you could say, so I've definitely always been spiritual. I had a heightened level of love for every aspect of true nature ever since I can remember.

photo by Visakha (@visakhasvision)

What advice would you give to someone trying to separate themselves from negative energy?
Self-love attracts those who hide in plain sight, when your worth was not recognized in the highest consent. What that means is when you love yourself to the point that you don't accept anyone's bullshit and listen to your soul urge, none that negativity matters. In Taoism, there's this famous saying, 'at the center of you, you know who you are and exactly what you want'. It's up to you to either embrace or ignore these signs of who YOU truly are, but once you do, I promise you - you will live your best life to come. Is there a problem? Can you do anything about it? Then fix it; and if you can't do anything about it, then fuck it. We don't stress what we can't control. Have faith in the universe and embrace every aspect of life for what it is. EVERYTHING is a lesson, rather than good or bad. Try not to live in the moment of negativity and look at the bigger picture, like 'what is this teaching me?', because as time passes, energy changes and we evolve as humans. We will always heal as time passes, everything in this world is temporary - even the good times.

What can everyone expect to see from you in 2019?
I'm diving into spoken word, actually. I've been writing poems since I was seven, but I'm gonna open up my vulnerable side and express my deepest, fondest thoughts to the world. Some spiritually-based verses mixed with cloud rap - and still some rage turn-up shit, for sure.

Where can we find your art and music?
@_mcmin on Instagram and Twitter - 'MC Min' on all streaming platforms.


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