Tyler god is a well-established and much-loved rapper in the Philly music scene. His energy while performing and in his music is vibrant and contagious; his timeless flow is unmatched. This early into 2019, Tyler already released one of the hottest Philly albums of the year, titled 'Vega', which features eleven songs ranging from bangers to songs to sit back and smoke a blunt to. Tyler's raw rhymes and self-produced tracks separate him from the rest, like a true rap god.

1) .Simple (Single)
.Simple is Tyler god's most recent track, the single dropping at the end of March of this year. .Simple is a showcase of Tyler's versatility as an artist, with heavier lyrics setting .Simple apart from his previously released music. This song is so real and has an authentic, real rap vibe that we can't get enough of.

2) Geppetto (Black Moon)
Geppetto, released in 2017, is one of our favorite songs of all time. It was painful to rank this at number two, but .Simple's showcase of Tyler's multi-faceted talent is too real to top. Geppetto is a godly track, with a fire beat and lyrics best described as a flex. Put this track on at your next party and watch what happens.

3) Going Gold (Black Moon)
Going Gold is one of Tyler's more vibey tracks, the lo-fi style beat perfectly complimenting his raw lyrics. This song practically begs you to spark a blunt and reflect on yourself, making it an easy favorite.

4) Gucci H. Potter (feat. Jellis) (Vega)
Gucci H. Potter is a clever bop with fun lyrics and a feel-good vibration. Jellis' verse perfectly completes this song, his voice contrasting from Tyler's while his flow blends with the beat. This song is particularly fire in a party setting.

5) Xcited (feat. Hashland) (Vega)
Xcited is an entire experience - two of the city's most talented dudes collaborating on this sultry track, speaking of their experiences in love and their natural affect on women. We can only hope for more music from the iconic friend duo.

Honorable Mentions:
Dream Weaver, on Black Moon, has a really dope sample and a house/dance vibe that is completely original and unlike the rest.

Stream Tyler God on Tidal, Spotify, & Apple Music; follow his socials: myurls.co/tylergod


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