Miranda shot by Jamez La Flame

Who is Mars Productions?

My name is Miranda but some people call me Mars or Miranda Mars. I’m cool with any of these.

Tell us a little about you. What's your story?

Although I’ve always had a love for photography, I began taking it seriously and freelancing for a little over a year now. I nagged my brother to give me his camera for years. When he finally gave it to me, I didn't waste any time. I began taking photos every chance I got; before and after work, I’d even take photos at random events, showcases. and parties. I’m actually shooting with a little dinosaur canon, an old jawn.

Are you originally from Philly? How do you feel growing up in an art-focused community impacted you?

Yeah, I'm a philly native, raised in the badlandz. Growing up, I was very much impacted by Philly’s art scene, being as though my mom made sure we were always involved. If we weren’t playing a sport, she’d have my siblings and I dancing together. Later, watching my oldest brother manage a group of rappers, who also danced with us. Now, he is an artist on his own. Being from Philly taught me how to stand as an individual and being surrounded by art allowed me to be more of a left-brain thinker. Because of the two, I am able to pursue a career in something I am passionate about.

How would you describe your style?

To display different styles is what separates a person with a camera and a visual story teller. My favorite style of session includes me letting loose and going big because creative directing is where I can manifest my full-undivided vision. I have cultivated an array of shooting styles ranging from family portraits,urban landscapes, live performances, and anything else that captivates me.
Raw photos are dope and all. But to me, editing is all part of the fun. That’s where you can manipulate what you’ve captured, to be something so much more. You can edit a photo to have two separate moods if you’d like. Or even add an aesthetic to a photo that wasn’t even there in the first place.

What types of shoots are your favorite?

Although I have mad love for event and concert photograph, my favorite type of shooting is when I am able to create a whole scene from a park in the hood and random things I'll grab from my favorite thrift store. I can freely create, building a set out of nothing. In some ways it makes me feel somewhat like a painter.

Have you faced any bias as a female in the art and music community?

Oh, Listen. I get all the looks when I show up to events and mad people hesitate to work with me. But if you know me, you’d know that fuels me. I rarely see female shooters when I’m at these events. So, the guys show up with their tall selves and equipped with all their new gadgets. Trying to show me how they shoot and tryna catch all the good angles. Then I come in and shut shit down like the 5’1 giant I am.

What are some of your goals for 2019?

Well, I don’t really live by the date but by the moment. I Just hope to start being booked for bigger things like tours, huge music festivals and stuff like that. Soon, real soon. And I’m just reaching to evolve.

How can someone book you for a photoshoot or to photograph their event? where can we purchase your prints? 

My website should be online sometime this week. Where you’ll be able to view more of my work, buy prints or book photo sessions. Til then; to inquire more details on my services, email me at You can order your prints through direct message on Instagram @ms.marsproductions.


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