Dirty Politics has quickly become one of the hottest street-wear brands in Philadelphia. Where did this concept originate?

We’re actually based in New Jersey but we’ve quickly gained a large audience in the Philly area this past year. Dirty Politics was inspired by a anti system mentality coming up as a skateboarder. I was a young designer looking for a way to showcase my work and always had a love for clothing as a way to express myself.

What advice do you have for designers just starting out?

Stay true to yourself, find your aesthetic and own it. Don’t rush your work, trial and error is a huge part of the process.

How did Dirty Politics get involved in SXSW? Do you hope to collaborate with more artists for shows?

We have a lot of ties with larger artists and brands so it was only right we made our way down there this year. We sponsored a few shows including one for skinnyfromthe9 and Troy Ave and developed some great relationships!

What was the experience like being on the cover of Lux Magazine? 

It was definitely a dope experience and a proud moment for the brand. We’ve been featured in many magazines and blogs such as Hypebeast, Complex, and The Fader but this was our first ever cover which featured model Christeesha in our nuclear joggers - a spring 19’ favorite.

Are there any upcoming drops or events you can share?

Dirty Politics x Vans classics. Need I say more?

What's next for Dirty Politics?

What’s next? The journey to the Whitehouse continues. Nobody’s going to elect you until you elect yourself. Stay tuned for our new podcast, skate team, and crazy collaborations lined up for summer!


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