What is your creative process like when creating a new mix? How would you describe your DJ style?

My creative process is depending on the kind of vibe I'm going for music genre wise.  And from there I pick my favorite songs that I been listening to and that I just came across while looking for new music to listen to from the internet. Sometimes while I'm out I'll hear a song and write it down to remind myself to throw it in a mix. My djing style is open format because I never want to box myself in one lane. Especially since there's so many genres of music. My favorite type of music however is trap music, house music, afro beats, rock music & Jersey club remixes.

What inspired you to create Dreamland? What does this event mean to you? How would you describe Dreamland to someone who's never attended?

Well I never had my own DJ residency before after years of grinding and emailing venues I finally found one that fucked with my crowd of people that I bring out and the type of music I spin. So I wanted this event to represent me to the fullest. I'm all about people going for their dreams & coming to my events and getting lost in the music and forgetting about all their problems sort of like when your sleep in a dream state.
Its at this venue called the tiki bar and I just love the vibe there and they have a roof top so that's always a plus in the summer time.

I wouldn't really have any words to describe this event other than good energy. The people that come through are always dancing and open minded to the music I play and I really like that because you never know what crowd will come in.

How did you get in to artist management? Is there anything you and Kagiso have coming up that you can promote? 

I been in the industry for a few years and always been behind the scene of stuff way before I was even into music so I became experienced as i went along and people noticed that and started asking me for advice. Some people I believe in and know that they could get some where with the right advice so sometimes I take on artist from time to time and help them develop their selves and organize their goals. As of now I'm only managing my artist "Kagiso". We have a podcast coming out in a few weeks called Pastel Social & By the end of June, we will have new music released on all platforms and at least one video!

You were recently featured on DJ Haram's Rage Radio, a London-based radio station. What was this experience like for you?

Well I've always heard of DJ Haram and looked up to her because my dream is to travel over seas and DJ just like her so when she reached out to me I was so honored I even cried before the mix aired because its such a big accomplishment for me and my name to be heard across the world especially cause I'm from a city wheres there's a lot of poverty and you don't really have the chance of being successful if you don't go to school or come from money  I never came from much so knowing that my hard work paid off and someone out there in London got to listen to a dj tati mia set that meant the world to me.

Tell us about Citywide PHL and DJing alongside DJ Muddy Taylor. How did you both come up with this idea? How do you get involved with the artists who showcase their work?

Well me and muddy been friends for like a decade! we been on a few shows together and his manager approached me and told me muddy would love me to be apart of his party. So people usually DM us all the time and thankfully I know a lot of artist so me and muddy and his manager take turns picking who we want on there.

Have you ever felt that people treat you differently as a female in the industry? How do you combat that?

Yes everyone treats me differently. Men have this misconception that I'm successful because of my look or because I'm attractive and that's never the case. Most promoters will send me heart eyes and like my pictures but ignore me when it comes to business. Most djs that are males that i network with just try to fuck or shoot they shot nothing really comes from networking with them. Only a few djs in my city actually show me love and reach out to spin with me. I've met almost all my favorite producers and rappers and they usually just flirt with me so I just take matters into my own hands and work with the people that respect me as a DJ not with the people that cant get past what I look like on the internet. I started throwing my own events doing my own thing and showing these kind of people I don't need you and in the end will always find a way.


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