Are you from Philadelphia originally? What does the city's music community mean to you?

Yes I’m from East Oak Lane, as of lately I wake up closer to center city. I love the music that’s coming from the abundance of artists that are from Philly, I believe if everyone put the differences aside we’ll all shine.

You dropped your most recent EP, Crue7, on March 31st. What was the experience creating this EP like for you? What track is closest to your heart? 

Honestly Crüe7 was inspired by a Motley Crüe documentary I seen on Netflix. I always was a punk rock fan growing up but not OG shit more like the Nirvana era and after like, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance etc... I actually have some of those bands tattooed on me. Mario Kart/ Dirty Urine is definitely my favorite song because I was like really sick with the flu or some shit when I recorded it. DJ Tati & Muddy Taylor collaborated on the beat shit was so bad for me I got them sick during the session that’s why it means so much to me...screw both of them.

You've been seen repping Slummer recently. Do you hope to do more brand collaborations in the future? 

Slummy is gang, I fuck with bro genuinely we both have kids but didn’t allow that to blur out our vision artistically you know. But yeah you’ll catch me in some Slummer here and there I love his work how his merch is cut different from most.

Do you have any booked shows coming up? Are you looking to do more shows or are you focusing on creating music at this point? 

I pop out in Philadelphia and do a show about every 3 to 4 months, I try not to burn my fans out with the the few singles I’m running with at the moment. I have another Ep produced by Mars Blackman on the brink of dropping on top of an album I’ve been working on with Theodore Grams since like 2016. Once all of that is complete I’m definitely gonna tour to push Oak Lane Diner, so yeah I guess I’m booked for the rest of my life.

You're seen as an inspiration to other young creative fathers in the community. Have you struggled juggling being a parent while pursuing your music career? Do you have any advice for those in similar situations?

My Daughter is what got me this far honestly. I was making songs here and there but for the most part I was in the streets with my homie doing shifts selling whatever we got our hands on, But when he caught his case and got sentenced my eyes really opened that I had bigger things to worry about than a block I’m making money on, a block that’s gonna be there forever but the bond I share with my daughter won’t like I had to find another outlet so I really started taking music more serious than I ever did.

Do you have any planned music/visual drops in 2019 that you can share?

Yes, but I can’t share. Love y’all -

Sincerely, SNOW


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