Are you from Philly originally? What does the local art community mean to you?

Im originally from South Jersey, but I've lived in Philly for 10 years. Philly has a great community of creators- theres so much cool shit coming out of the city right now.

What is your creative process like when creating a new mix? What inspires you?

When creating a mix i'll usually try to focus in on whatever mood Im feeling and go from there.
All of my friends are super talented/creative - they inspire me!

How did Pretty Girls Like Trap Music come to be? With member Baby.Com leaving the city, will the project continue?

We were at an event one night and noticed the lack of girls there, even though the music was really good. We felt like too many events were male dominated, so we wanted to throw an event encouraging girls to come and turn tf up!  We also focus on underground hip hop music, which we felt other events at the time weren’t playing. Our two year anniversary will be June 13th and that will also be our last event!

How did you get involved with Function PHL? What is the experience of DJing at such a large event like for you?

I've done a few events with the Function team over the past year and a half. It's one of my favorite events in the city and they’re all great people to work with! I respect them and what they’re doing a lot.
I use to get nervous before DJ sets but I don’t anymore- large or small crowd everyone is just there to have a fun.

Who are some of your favorite local DJs and artists to mix alongside?

BABY.COM! Im her DJ when she performs and she brings so much energy- its more than just a live performance, its a party.
Swizzy Mack!  We do a monthly party at The Dolphin called Stay Happy. We also had Na$h come do a guest set one night and she KILLED IT!
There’s so many talented and hardworking DJs in the city - i respect them all.

Do you have any upcoming mixes dropping or events you can share?

Friday May 17th I’m collaborating on an event with and DJ Love called PMS. it will be at Pink Sotano. Saturday May 18th Im Djing a set for Function at The foundry. Friday May 24th I’m DJing my monthly Stay Happy with Swizzy Mack and guest DJ Odalys. Saturday May 25th Im Djing my monthly Drake Night at The Fillmore with Dirty $outh Joe.


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