Are you from Philly originally? How do you feel being in such an art-focused community has impacted you?

I am originally from Norristown, its a really small town about 30 minutes away from here. The art scene in philly has really helped me learn a lot about believing in my dreams and staying true to self. I believe that I was blessed with the opportunity to meet and surround myself with so many beautiful, creative, and free spirited individuals. Philly is definitely a place where people don't limit themselves, they're true hustlers, and they believe in taking risk. Being able to have that energy around me at all times allows me to continue to believe in my work and my ideas because there's people that is going to love it and there's people that I can help open their minds to my ideas and allow them to want to learn more about them. Philly is very blunt, honest, and gives tough love when you need it.

What styles are most prevalent in your mixes? What is the creative process when putting a mix together? Where do you find your inspiration?

To be honest when i'm in the process of making a mix or even if i'm looking for a mix to listen to while cleaning, getting dressed, and etc. I really look forward to hearing a little bit of every genre because i get bored very quickly. I normally like to put out a mix every 3 to 6 months because I like to find good rare music. When making a mix, I want to introduced new music and music that people love to hear while they're out at a bar or club.I don't think my mixes are specifically a style unless i decide to do a theme mix but besides that i just like to have pure bangers. Little do people know that in the dj world, a lot of djs find new or old music from hearing other djs mixes.

You recently dropped 'Spooky' & 'Bitch' on Soundcloud. Do you have plans to make more original music? Do you see yourself ever choosing to make your own music instead of DJing, or do you plan on balancing both?

I did just drop two songs that i've been working very hard on; I have a lot of pressure on me because I genuinely  feel like this is my year. I produce all of my music, I make my own beats, I write my own music, and I pay for all my studio time along with everything that comes with it such as promotion. At the moment I'm working on videos, getting my music streamed everywhere, and photoshoots. I enjoy djing so much because the energy is real and I can play my own shit but I am 100% focused on my rap career! having people fuck with my music just feels fucking amazing. 

Philadelphia's music scene is commended for being so inclusive. Have you ever received any prejudice being a female DJ?

ABSOLUTELY! It took me a long time to get respect for being a female dj especially when your dating a huge dj in Philly. I wanted people to take me serious. I feel like people show love to you when you first start like "aww look at her trying something new" and then they start to see you surpassing them and they're like oh eh neverrmind. At some point it started to annoy me but then i start questioning my path then everything came to me naturally.. I honestly feel like sometimes i intimidate bitches. whoops!

What artists and genres do you think are going to be the hottest in 2019?

MOTHER MARYROSE, MEGAN THE STALLION, TIERRA WHACK, and RICO NASTY. I feel like weird music is a thing and we're making it sound so fucking dope. Us females are out here doing our thing and we're making a new platform together. I also feel like were getting some of that 2000's sound back.

What are your favorite and least favorite types of events to DJ?

My favorite events to dj at are big venues where the sound systems is awesome such as Dolphin Tavern, The Fillmore, Underground Arts, and WOW. My least favorite is anywhere I have to play clean music or if my music selection is limited such as baby showers, weddings, and art shows.  

What's next for Mother Mary Rose?

Mother Maryrose is going to be rich and famous very soon! I feel it so expect growth. I'm working on so much music and planning my life out as we speak. I'm moving to New York in August so expect big things from me. I got photoshoots, an Ep, videos, and more goodies coming soon! Just know every one will be proud.

How can people book you for their events?

People can book me for shows or events through my email or Instagram @MotherMaryrose.


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