Being from jersey, do you feel you had to prove yourself in Philly? What does it feel like for you to see other jersey artists like yourself thriving in Philly?

Regardless of where I am from, in music you always have something to prove. Mostly to yourself, but also to your fans and the industry. It's what keeps me on my toes. I feel like that thought keeps me from being very complacent in my career. It's easy to be comfortable with small amounts of success. A great example is my guy Hashland, my dawg for real. It's just a crazy feeling knowing where we are from (literally grew up 20 minutes from each other in Jersey but met in Philly). people don't support enough but we took a leap of faith and came to the city on our own accords.  We naturally go harder because we don't take the scene for granted.

This spring, you threw one of the hottest shows in the tri-state area “Cinco de Drinko”. What was that experience like for you? Do you plan on throwing more shows in the future, or are you going to focus on performing in them instead?

Cinco De Drinko was super stressful but it showed me how beneficial it is to at least know how to throw a show. Once the show actually started, it was a lot easier for me to breathe and have fun. I am honestly so happy with how it turned out and people still tell me to this day that it was one of the smoothest shows they've ever been to and it's my first one. I do plan on throwing more shows coming this winter I am working on a festival.

What does 4:08, the album, mean to you? What are you hoping people feel when they listen to it?

4:08PM was the time that I was born on May 30th, so I dropped my first album on that day and time. I really just wanted people to know they can trust taking me seriously and that I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. I feel like every song on that project is poppin in it's own right. I want to people to feel like the culture isn't dead and there are still real deal artists with amazing content on the come up still.

What are some of your goals for the future? Do you see yourself staying in Philly?

Philly gonna be my homebase forever to be honest. I do want to travel outside of the city to start spreading more. Tomorrow I'm going to be in Paris so that's fire. I do plan on dropping my next album "Blessings Through Betrayal" at the top of 2020. Which is crazy because 2020 correlates to vision and the album is basically an eye opener to the benefits of bad relationships that end.

Do you have any videos or visuals off of 4:08 dropping in the future?

Yes I do! Stay tuned, they will be dropped on big platforms!

Will you be dropping any more music in 2019?

I just dropped an exclusive tonight with Ant Perez called "Theories". It is really a smash hit song and I encourage everyone to get on the wave of it now. My album is coming early 2020!

What can you tell us about buck society records, which we’ve been seeing rise recently?

Buck Society Records is a record label that I started. I am currently the only artist but as time progresses and I'm put into a position to actually help artists, I want to add more artists to the imprint!

What’s next for Closecash?

Just stay tuned... more music, more shows, music videos... all that and more!!


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