Who is Irk?

Irk is irk. I don’t really have a way of defining who I am and what I do besides just saying its me. I was raised in West Philly and Delaware County, but a lot of my musical inspiration comes from my experiences with being homeless/house-hopping with my brothers, all my highschool drug induced adventures and artists (such as Jaden Smith, Earl Sweatshirt, & Purity Ring). Obviously my artistic brothers (Kwon, Moody, Wesley, Trademark, to name a few) breathe a lot of inspiration in me. Kwon was one of the first tangible artists I met, if you listen to Rick N Morty (via KWON) and listen to some of my older music, you can see where I drew a lot of inspiration. Wesley was the first person to put a real camera in my hand, solidifying my infatuation with capturing every moment and expression. Trademark gave me my first studio + producer experience, (he was only THIRTEEN, I was 18 at the time) allowing me to transition from a phone-to-speaker set up to an actual mic and software set up. Moody has continuously given me an orchestra of sounds to express myself on, at any hour of the night. I could go on forever, but this is already a lot of words.

How are you affiliated with RageLordRecords?

I actually kinda forced my way into RLR honestly lol. I dont really remember how things went about, I just remember attending Rage Fest Vol 2 and the feeling I got from actually having a place to comfortably perform in front of people who cared what they were listening to, and when I found out RageLordRecords (CEO Karnage) was behind it, I knew I HAD to be a part of the journey. I don’t know man these guys are just super genuine when we’re not stuck in our own heads. I’m happy to be part of it.

What does the Philadelphia music community mean to you?

The Philadelphia music community is in such a beautiful position right now. We have so many different people just trying shit out and experimenting with their craft, it’s hard not to want to be at every show just on the lookout for something new. I love Philly music honestly, its always so raw and unfiltered. It can range from the goofiest of sounds to the most alternative of sounds all in one setlist. You really never know.

What Philly artist would you love to collaborate with?

Honestly, not even to sound like an ass, but I don’t really see myself doing many collaborations. If any of the amazing artists around me ever hit me up for a collab, I’d be down- but I always have such a set focus and vision for everything i wanna do with my music and I hate to impose my strategic visions on others. I like for them to get on a song and completely do them. If I don’t hear a beat and think “Wow I need so & so on this too”, it's kinda outta my range of sight.

RageLordRecords is performing at Next Up Philly Phest on August 3rd. Is there anything you can share about your set? Will we be hearing any old Irk favorites, or new content?

I’m REALLY excited for NUP Phest. My set is gonna start out casual with some crowd favorites and end with an explosion of new sounds that I think everyone will enjoy! FuckAndruuw, amirite?

You and the rest of the RLR gang performed at the last More Than Clout show, held by @ShotsByDonCarter & @QuadyPhotos. What was this experience like for you? 

Yoo, shoutout to DonCarter & QuadyPhotos man, that was one hell of a show! The crowd’s energy was more than amazing, I love going to a show with interactive viewers, it makes for a much more connecting experience. Not even mentioning how fire all the performances were, More Than Clout V2 was such a great turnout.

You've mentioned on Instagram that you're dropping an album next month. What can you tell us about your upcoming album?

I appreciate that so much man, seriously. But yeah I am! Titled either “Irk’d” or “FUCK”, I tried to make this album all about what I, myself, want from my music. It’s about me and how I feel. It’s about old me and how I used to feel. It’s about love, and keeping yourself healthy. It’s about what I wanna hear bumped on the aux. It’s about comfort. “It” is also dropping in August sometime, no date yet, I think it’ll be random.

What's next for you?

Man if we knew for sure what was next, we wouldn’t be human. I’m just tryna keep today in tact.

How can someone book you for a shoot? Where can we find your music?

My instagram is @irktypebeat, you can generally DM me for whatever you may need regarding my services or if needed you can email me (irktypebeat@gmail). You can also find my music on SoundCloud (I’m working on Apple Music + Spotify as well lol) under the name Irk. My YouTube as well is Irktypebeat, for viewing music videos.


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