What's your story?
I am a makeup artist and cosmetic brand owner from south jersey. I went to school at the Art Institute of Philadelphia where I found my love for everything beauty. Going to school surrounded by creatives was instrumental in teaching me most of what I know today. I started off making clothes, slowly transitioned into the world of makeup, which lead me to modeling. My most recent venture has been creating handmade cosmetics for my brand Brie Alexis Beauty! In a short 4 months since the official launch I have completely fell in love with expanding this brand.

Tell us about Brie Alexis Beauty. How did you come up with your brand concept?
The concept for Brie Alexis Beauty has always been in the back of my mind but i was never confident enough to act on my ideas. Once I started to gain clients and buzz from being a freelance makeup artist in the South Jersey and Philly area, I figured it was time to put the plan in motion. I gave out my lipglosses first to my clients with their service then my close friends and family to get feedback. The positive feedback was overwhelming and within a few weeks I finalized the product and packaging as well as a logo and a website all on my own.

What are some of your makeup artist or brand inspirations?
My biggest brand inspirations are brands like Huda Beauty & The Coloring Case, which were both founded by talented women of color. However, most of my makeup inspirations come from the colors I see around me on a daily basis. Im obsessed with color theories and translating them onto faces as if they’re a canvas.

Are there any other local brands you hope to collaborate with in the future?
I think @Gaudmother is super dope! Their designs really blow me away and the concepts they come up with would work well with the eccentric/avant-garde style of makeup that I love to do most. I’m really attracted to any brand that is able to set themselves apart from the majority.

Where do you see Brie Alexis Beauty going? What are some of your upcoming goals?
You’ll definitely see more products coming very soon. I will be expanding B.A.B beyond lip glosses but at the same time keeping the handmade quality. It’s important to me to make every single piece with love and care. I’m somewhat picky and a perfectionist so I tend to do everything needed for my brand on my own to ensure it’s exactly how I want it. My main goal right now with B.A.B is collabing with more creatives and other makeup artists. I look forward to vending art shows throughout the fall and expanding my audience beyond the philly/jersey area.

Tell us a bit about the modeling side of your career. What types of shoots are your favorite? Are you looking for brand collaborations?
My modeling career is actually something I was somewhat pushed into but I have grown to love it so much. My whole life family and friends told me I needed to get into modeling. I struggled badly with depression and anxiety throughout high school/college and in my head I wasn’t pretty enough and my body wasn’t good enough to be in front of a camera. It wasn’t until last year when I got out of a toxic relationship that I realized it was time to start loving and cherishing myself. I was approached by @ray.raw, a philly photographer and now one of my closest friends, to shoot and I haven’t looked back since. I like doing shoots that allow me to feel free. Nude modeling has become my favorite because of how empowered I feel when I get the photos back. It’s me in my rawest and purest form. I would love to collab with other models who feel that same type of liberation through freeing their body.

Who are some Philly creatives that YOU think are up next?
@JordanPlain is my favorite creative in the city and has been for some years. The way he can manipulate colors is unmatched. As of late I’ve been highkey obsessing over @lazy.beam a philly artist who creates art that spreads social awareness on issues that mean a lot to me. Her work is not only super aesthetically pleasing to look at but it provokes thought and conversation which is something I think a lot of artists today are missing.

What's next for you?
I really feel like the sky is the limit for me right now. For the rest of the year I plan on putting most of my focus on expanding Brie Alexis Beauty. I will of course be doing more photo and video shoots but my brand is my baby so that will take the forefront.


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