What's your story?

Aiiite so boom - I was born in Philadelphia, PA to two of the dopest parents I could ask for. My mothers side of the family is from the islands (dominica) and my father’s side of the family is from Philadelphia. Lived in West Philly for the early part of childhood, my parents took me out of the “hood”, relocating our family to Cherry Hill, NJ. Going from West Philadelphia to Cherry Hill is a complete 360. I always felt like i never really fit in growing up because people in Cherry Hill would look at me like “ go back to the hood” and when I would go back to visit Philly people would give me the “ go back to jersey” (yes kids are mean as shit growing up). This experience really shaped a lot of who I am today. I got to see first hand how people from two different geographic locations “moved” so I was forced to learn how to “move” in any situation while still being myself.

What does the local music community mean to you?

The local music community means EVERYTHING to me. I truly am moved by this energy, and this community gives me so much energy. Growing my generation was taught “ go to college and be a slave to ‘corporate america’ for the rest of your life or you will never be successful in life”. It's truly inspiring to see the people around me, our community, chasing their dreams and turning them into reality. I feed off of that energy. Its amazing to be around these people watching them spearhead changes in today’s society.

Where do you find inspiration when creating a new mix?

Most of my inspiration comes from experimenting. ill call up one of the DJ homies for a practice session, we will hit the record button and just freestyle mix. Nothing planned just pure experimentation. My friends are pretty competitive so our practice sessions turn into baby battles, bringing out the best in each other which turns into fire mixes.

What are some of your favorite types of events to spin? 

Party music inspired events, party music meaning Jersey club, Baltimore club, Philly club, Nola bounce , ect. I enjoy these types of events because people come out for pure fun, fellowship , and to dance. Dance battles, wallies,, twerks, hitting you two-step and getting groovy, i'm here for it all. Feeding off the energy from the crowd going crazy turning up to a drop to a party music banger is priceless. I also enjoy doing events in other cities. It forces me to really do my research and dive into their culture. I get to learn from them and they get to learn from me.

Tell us about Wise Guy. What role do you play within the company? How did you get affiliated with them, or how did this begin for you?

Before I started out with music I was actually heavy into fashion design. Wise Guy is a lifestyle brand powered by art,music, social awareness to bring people together, while also giving them a platform to shine. The company was founded by the talented Terohn Hyatt. That man is crazy he is truly a wizard with the computer he can do anything. I am a partner in the company. 3 years we did about a 7-10 city tour from here to Cali and back. Booking a DJ in every city was hard to do at that time so I took the initiative and DJ’ed the tour. That's when I started to entertain the idea of taking Djing seriously.

Do you have any upcoming events coming up we can look forward to?

Our team is in the works of curating some cool experiences for the community the rest of the year.The last Thursday of the month my dawg Leon Xavier and I have our staple event entitled ‘The Thursday Night Groove”. Made in America weekend, August 31st, entitled ‘Dance My Pain Away’ by @wearegoodgirl at Kung Fu Neck Tie. Black Friday our team is having an extremely special event taking place at Warehouse On Watts. December our team will be down in Miami curating some creative events for Art Basel.

Who do you think is Next Up in our community right now?

Honestly I think anyone in our community could be one record or DJ set away from blowing up on a national scale. I've known some DJ’s for a few years now who are OD talented and taught me so much. But if we are talking in terms of next up, and people who ive just put onto this year who have really caught my attention, DJ Next, Nash, Spun by Sun, and Nico Oso.

What's next for you?

Leon Xavier and I are a DJ Duo that goes by the name “Thursday Night Groove” (TNG). This year we dedicate ourselves to curating original music. We want to have enough in our catalog that we can get booked for festivals and play our own music for an entire set. People should definitely expect to hear a project coming from us early 2020 as well as some fire visuals to go along with it.



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