Shot by @QuadyPhotos

What’s your story?

Well honestly, I kinda feel like I got the most boring story lol. I’m a young photographer born and raised in Philadelphia who got into photography because I didn’t know what the hell I wanted to do with my life. I just remember going to shows with my iPod and then after awhile, I was like shit, let me save my cash up and get a real camera because I’m honestly kinda good at taking pictures.

What does the local art community mean to you?

Shit, the local art community means so much to me, honestly. That’s where I get half of my influences from. So many people influence me, like Quady, Sato, you (Chloe), the whole Function team, Veli, 2Seater radio and honestly anyone in the city who is talented, genuine, and on their grind. I also feel like the art community is starting to get more and more appreciation everyday, with more people from Philly blowing up like shotbycones and Gianni Lee.

When did you start shooting? How did your shooting begin as a hobby, and then as a career?

I started shooting in high school as hobby just for fun and then after a while, I was like hey, let me make this a career. 100 percent the best idea I probably will ever make in my life. Photography definitely has opened so many doors for me that I never thought would happen.

What is the most rewarding part of being a photographer? What is the most difficult part of being a photographer?

Tbh for me is to just showcase my feelings into my photos. I know folks are about to be like damn that sounds cheesy as fuck but for me that's the most rewarding feeling. The most difficult part is honestly the fact that so many people take photography for granted, I don’t understand why. It’s clearly something that’s never gonna go out of style so just appreciate the craft man.

Don and Quady (MTC) by Sato Harris

Tell us all about More Than Clout. How did this concept begin? Where do you see it going?

More Than Clout started as an idea me, Quady, and my buddy Goran thought of because we thought Philly had so much talent that wasn’t really appreciated. After a while, me and Quady also thought the same way with photographers and local brands and was just like, let’s bring them on board too.

Honestly, I kinda see MTC as a multimedia company in the near future - like if you need help with throwing a show or doing a photo shoot or video shoot that’s our specialty of course but if you need help with shit like artist development, MTC gotchu. I just know if we keep working as diligently as we already are, things are gonna work out to the highest extent.

What are your favorite subjects or style of shoots?

My favorite subjects are definitely people and concerts. I love concerts because I love taking pictures of artists raw energy while they're performing the music that is making a crowd go crazy. I feel like my style is just very bold and somewhat bright with a shit ton of contrast but not too much to the point you're like 'what the fuck is this bullshit'.

Among your works, which has been your favorite or the project you’re most proud of?

My favorite project would honestly have to be when I shot for the Fringe Festival last year at Penn's Landing. It’s kinda surprising because I shoot artists half the time but to see that many people support and fall in love with something like the LGBTQ community in Philly was just really dope to me. To me, it represented that even in a world of hate and bigotry, people still appreciate and support that community. That, and it was just the most fun and interesting event I have ever shot for.

Are there any visual artists or photographers that inspire you?

@savenick, never met the man but he is so dope.

Damn that’s a lot of people.

What kind of camera(s) do you shoot with? Are you true to one brand, or do you shoot with several? 

So I shoot with a Canon T6 with an external flash and usually a 50 mm or a 18-55 mm zoom lens. I will also shoot with a 55-250 mm from time to time.

What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment so far?

I honestly don’t know because I still feel like I have so much work of developing myself and my craft to do.

What are some of your upcoming goals?

I would love to a More Than Clout festival one day with around 50 artists performing and would also love to just buy a building and use it for photography and concert purposes only. I feel like that would be a dope game changer for sure.



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