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What's your story?

Originally born in Brooklyn, got sent to Jamaica for being a reckless youth for a couple years. Then came back to the U.S to find out my mother moved to Philadelphia.

What does Philly's music community mean to you?

It’s special to me, I’ve been getting a lot of love and support as of recently. It’s a lot of different people, talents and genres you get to experience here.

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Who, or what, are some of your biggest inspirations?

I listen to a lot of lectures for inspiration honestly. Ranging from artist to strictly business entrepreneurs. A strong mentality is important to me.

Your brand, Only Up, can be seen all over the city. How did this brand come to be? What does 'Only Up' mean to you? Where do you see it going?

I was at the lowest point of my life in my opinion. It was something I would affirm to myself while going through the motions. I believe it helped sculpt the mentality I have now, and it gave me the drive to keep going. It’s very special to me. I wanted to share it with more people, so my friend CodeHerk helped me create the logo and I started giving. I’m just grateful people actually wear it but most importantly connect to the purpose.. I only see it going up to be honest *laughs*

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How would you describe your sound/vibe to someone who’s never heard your music before?

My music is therapy for me. So at the moment I would describe it as a feeling. I let the people decide, and I just continue to create and cater to my thoughts and feelings.

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Tell us about your most recent release. What does this project mean to you? What was your inspiration?

I recently dropped a new single with a video called ‘On the Rise’. Like I said prior, music is like therapy to me so I just wanted to express that I’m here and I’m only growing.. I got BEED DOLLAZ on the production and he shot the visual as well. Irktypebeat added some edits and Blair created the cover art.
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Do you have any new music or visuals dropping soon that you can share?

Yup, here’s the link to the new single and music video for On the Rise:

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Who are some of your dream collaborations? Are there any local artists you would love to collaborate with?

On a larger scale it’s so many but right now for a quick 5 would be Jay Z , Kanye, Travis Scott , Kid Cudi & Young Thug. 

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What’s next for you?

More Music will be released, more Merchandise will be distributed & My Performances are getting crazier by the bookings. I plan to keep going and continue to cater to those who support me. It’s the support and love I receive that reminds me it’s possible.. I’m grateful and its really ONLY UP from here.



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