Leaving the cozy confines of the Bay Area to jet across the Atlantic, Nef shares "Needed You The Most," his new video. Roaming the empty streets and bridges of London at 3am while sipping Hennessy straight out of the bottle, Nef showcases both vulnerability and confidence as he reflects on his journey: "Bought my son an iPhone just to FaceTime with him/And took my day one niggas across the state line with it/Kept faith, I made a way, I still pray I feel the spirit". The subdued and heartfelt song is the opening track and sets the tone for Mushrooms & Coloring Books, Nef's new album.

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"Needed You The Most" comes off Mushrooms & Coloring Books, an album of blended framework from Bay Area rap in combination with pushing boundaries and playful experimentation. Running the gamut from mob music to electro-funk to smooth jazz to Ibiza-friendly dance-rap, Mushrooms & Coloring Books proves Nef's endless adaptability, weaving his malleable flow between hits of acid bass, breaking into nursery rhyme patter, and even flashing melody when the occasion calls. It features appearances from Tyga, Sada Baby, ALLBLACK, Slimmy B of SOB x RBE, Rexx Life Raj, ShooterGang Kony, LOE Gino, and Scando The Darklord, and with production from Brodinski along with Bay Area mainstays like Djfresh and DTB. Mushrooms & Coloring Books is available everywhere via Sick Wid It Records/EMPIRE.

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