Shot by Wright Lifestyle

What’s your story?

Honestly, I Don’t Even Know How To Answer That. The Last Couple of Years of My Life Have Just Been Really Wild, & Chaotic & Throughout All of That, I’ve Always Had My Camera. Let’s Just Say I’ve Sacrificed A LOT For This Camera Shit, For The Stuff I’m Doing, & For The Life I Live. There’s No Turning Back, No Plan B’s. It’s One of The Only Things That Keep Me Going.

What does the local art community mean to you?

In My Opinion The Local Art Community Is In A Renaissance Mode Right Now. People Are Taking Any, & Everything & Turning It Into Art. It’s Truly Amazing, & Inspiring. Me, Being A Former Graphic/Fine Artists Like Drawing & Stuff, I Love Seeing Different Types of Mediums That Art, or Someone’s Emotions Can Be Displayed In. The Art Community Is Still What Keeps This “Scene” Together In A Way. It’s Definitely Needed.

 Shot by Benjamin Wainwright

When did you start shooting? How did your shooting begin as a hobby, and then as a career?

I Started Shooting About 3-4 Years Ago. I Was In My Freshman Year of College, & I Was Interested In Trying Something New, Even Through I’ve Fondled Around With Cameras Before.  It Really Just Started As Me Modeling For Other Homies Who Did Photography, & Also I Had My Own Clothing Line Out At The Time, & I Wanted Shots of My Brand, & Also Wanted To Learn How To Shoot Myself. I Was So Fascinated With Cameras. During One Shoot W/ My Bro “Dirty Cash” I Asked Him To Teach Me What He Was Doing On His Camera & How The Buttons Worked, & Etc. A Couple Days Later He Gave Me My First Camera Ever. A Red Lil Nikon Coolpix Jawn. That’s When I Became Jamez LaFlame.  I Started Just Shooting My Homies, People I Was Always Around. Shooting Everything I Saw, Anything That Captured My Eyes. I Went On Adventures With Friends, & Mostly By Myself Just Really Shooting Everything & Learning About The Camera, Even Studying Other Cameras & Shit. Couple Months Later, Couple Rap Shows Later Every One Was Telling Me I Should Start Charging For My Work & Taking It Serious. I Was Around So Many Rappers, & Artists I Got Good Fast.

What is the most rewarding part of being a photographer? What is the most difficult part of being a photographer?

Shit Man, It Depends What Type of Photographer You Are, & What You’re In It For. Shit Differs W/ All of Us Because We’re All Different, & There’s Posers In The Game With Cameras For The Wrong Reason Making Shit Bad For All of Us. But For Me, I Guess Its Just Seeing My Progression Each Time I Pick My Camera Up. I’m Always Learning, & Progressing. Whether It’s Better Shots, Better Lighting Control, Learning A New Technique, or Just Seeing The Look On My Clients Face When They Love The Results of A Shoot. That Shits Always Heartwarming. But For Myself I Just Love How Photography Makes Me Feel. How I Can Escape From Everything By Picking Up My Camera. The Most Difficult Part To Me Is Just Getting More Equipment, or “ Trying To Stay Ahead of The Game “.

What are your favorite subjects or style of shoots?

I Actually Don’t Have A Favorite Per Say. I Like Shooting Everything Really. I’m Very Versatile & I Try To Stay Outside The Box. I’m Forcing Myself To Get All Aspects of Photography That I Want To Master All On The Same Level. But If I Had To Say Maybe Street Style, Portraits, & Events.

Among your works, which has been your favorite or the project you’re most proud of?

My First Book I Dropped Last Year. “ Absence of Color “ An All Black & White Photography Book By Myself.

Are there any visual artists or photographers that inspire you?

Of Course. Lonewolf, Adrian Poitier, MidVessel, Stoney Blvck, Jake Osmun, PlatinumMadeIt, Peter Lindebergh, Paul Nicklen, Blair Nesmith, Pink Rollie, Jack Rottier, Jon Physco, I Can Really Go On For Days So Imma Leave It There. I Always Give Credit Where/When It’s Due, & I Can Find Inspiration Easily.

What kind of camera(s) do you shoot with? Are you true to one brand, or do you shoot with several? 

I Shoot Digital, & Film. I Love Canon. But I Do Shoot With Multiple Brands Such As Canon, Nikon, & Sony. Hopefully SOON I’ll Be Adding Fuji Film To That List!

Shot by Benjamin Wainwright

What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment so far?

Sheesh. So Far? I Honestly Feel Like I’ve Accomplished So Much In This Short Amount of Time I Haven’t Even Really Been Doing This Shit That Long. But THIS Year, My Biggest Accomplishments Would Probably Being Booked For Fashion Week In Paris, & Also I Worked With My First Major Music Label This Year, Universal Music Group. But Shit Maybe In General If I Had To Pick, My Biggest Accomplishment Would Probably Be My Photo Book. That Was Very Special To Me, & I Did It For A Special Reason.

What are some of your upcoming goals?

Well I’ve Been In The Source Mag, & Vfiles, So More Magazine Placements,
More Work From Big Company’s/Brands,
More Tours,
Working With More of My Favorite Artists,
More Overseas Travel For Work,
Working For Vice, or Nat Geo (National Geographic).



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