Written by Sorrel Thomson

CTrip sings catchy melodies and spits competent flows over smooth trap beats in his second EP, When the Sun Goes Down.

Eight months after releasing Moon Music, a 5 track EP, 13 minutes long, CTrip dropped his second EP, When the Sun Goes Down, 4 tracks, 11 minutes on October 3rd 2019. CTrip sings catchy melodies and spits competent flows over smooth trap beats on his second EP. Following the release of singles Wylin’ and Can’t Get Enough, songs about partying and dramatic relationships, CTrip takes a reflective turn on When the Sun Goes Down, starting with the first track, In My Head. Detailing struggles of being “caught up” and stuck in one’s thoughts, In My Head emphasizes that only the individual experiencing their internal conflict can fully appreciate its scope.

“Them drugs they have me caught up (caught up)
Now your love, it got me caught up (caught up)
I gave my heart up
You don’t know a thing” -In My Head

Song two on When the Sun Goes Down is the title track, a hypnotic anthem to the young artist’s second EP. On this song CTrip expresses his desire for the one he loves, explaining how his life was meaningless without her, and how he will do anything for her, now that she is in his life.

“You don’t need nobody, loving you my favorite hobby
I was lost until you found me
Whatever you need you got it babe” -When the Sun Goes Down

The third song, Red Light, opens with an eerie whirring of synths until a sudden thud of bass hits and CTrip starts off with the chorus, “I”ve been tryna run from my problems, now I’m stuck at a redlight.” Red Light features some of the strongest bars on the EP, and while it has only one verse, CTrip packs it with enough content to give Red Light a considerable amount of substance.

“Let me tell you how it feel, will pop a couple for the thrill,
but inside I’m dropping tears like who that n**** in the mirror” -Red Light

333, a reference to the symbolic meaning of the numbers that one’s angels are close by, is the fourth and final track on When the Sun Goes Down. CTrip says that all he wants is money, and that he is not “in it for the fame.” And over some truly angelic strings, CTrip professes “Angels callin’, they know my name,” before diving into his first verse. Here, CTrip returns to his introverted perspective as he analyzes the ways in which he reasons with demons and hardship and find ways to move forward.

“All my pain served me well,
In my head I made a shell”

After the second chorus, CTrip rounds off 333 with a singing verse including a somber line that successfully encapsulates the theme of When the Sun Goes Down. There is a shared experience of running away and hiding from pain, when someone is too scared to follow their dreams. CTrip knows this feeling and breaks through to his listeners with a sincere message everyone can relate to, with one line.

“You can hide from your pain til the night come” -333


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