FIFFLO's EP, 'KORRUPT DATA', was released on December 8th, 2019. KORRUPT DATA is a 4 song EP that thrives in this age of hip-hop, and rap music. Featured in this EP are HEADBAND, JAH, DEFJAWN, PablO tHe DentisT, and BENNYDONTPLAYTHAT. This collective of artists is all a part of FIFFLO - which is a Philadelphia-based rap/art collective. You can follow FIFFLO on all social media platforms to listen and learn more about the collective. KORRUPT DATA starts with OBVIOUSLY - PABLO x ZEDSU x OXFLACKO. 

In the song OBVIOUSLY, there is a line that quotes, "Get in the duffle, applying my means, made it back obviously". The chorus that is repeated has a deep impact because of that line and the whole song speaks on struggles that they have been through but have got through within time. The song talks a lot about overcoming things and still being okay in life. This song features a variety of artist that has collaborated in successfully sharing their same struggle but bringing it all into one song. The EP goes on and continues with two other track called AUDI (PORT?)- DEFJAWN x PABLO x ZEDSU and THOUX WOWX - JAH THE TEENAGE WITCH x PABLO. 

The last track on the EP is titled WALKMYSHIT - PASTO x PABLO. I feel like was a great way to end this EP. WALKMTSHIT is a grand slam of a song that shows the force of domination that the FIFFLO’S collective brings to the table. This song repeats “Imma walk my shit, Imma talk my shit”. The whole EP talks about how they go through life and they overcame everything taking no-nonsense and OBVIOUSLY WALKING THEIR SHIT.


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