What’s your story?

I was born in Chestnut Hospital on Christmas eve , bout 20 minutes from my hometown of Germantown. I’ve lived in the same crib on Rittenhouse st my entire life so I’ve gotten to see Germantown at its lowest and I’ve seen the gentrification come in recently, mostly my part. My moms raised most of the younger people in my family and around the neighborhood . She’s such an amazing woman and I can’t thank her enough for putting up me. Shit like me screaming into my mic at 1am. My dad was present, love him to death but he OD’d bout 3 years ago. That shit really shaped me into a different person cause I’ve had to learn a lot of small shit by myself. I started making music on my phone at the end of 7th grade on some joke stuff but I started taking everything serious this past summer. Used to get beats of YouTube like any young music boul but now I got a few producers with my best interest at heart. Been making a few connects here and there so I’m just getting started. My story has really just begun.

What does the local music community mean to you?

The local music community really means everything to me. It’s turning into a safe haven for great people. Of course I love music and making my music but I’ve found so many amazing people through this scene. It’s such a beautiful group of people. I feel like we’re now at the point where we have everything we need to make the scene explode and it’s just a matter of time. The local music scene is so amazing because it’s filled with young, wacky, experimental talent, and that’s what you need to develop a scene. I haven’t been in the scene as long as some of the older guys but I have 100% already seen developments in the right direction.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations, both locally and mainstream?

I’m really inspired by some local peers like RICHRICK, Will IV and T$AN. I feel they all know what they’re good at, and they are really good at it, and are now trying to show the world. I’ve also seen them develop from the times I met all of them, respectively. I try not to focus on mainstream music a lot but a huge larger artist inspiration for me has been Lucki! He just gets the pain and anxiety and turmoil life can cause in a young person's head. Then mix that with drugs and girls and you have a voice of the youth. I highly recommend checking out all 4 of these guys. Elite talent and I got some stuff coming with the local 3 I mentioned. :) (shoutout Lil B the Based God)

What’s one thing about you that you think is misunderstood? What do people not know about you, or one thing you want people to know?

First, I want you all to know that I’m here to stay. I don’t think people realize how early I still am in my musical development and that my motives are just to put on for everybody. I used to make songs where almost nothing I said was true and that stuff affects you as an artist. Mentally and spiritually, but I was still making hooks and some melodies that were better than a lot of the shit my older peers had out. I think a 15 kid just fucking around making bangers was intimidating and I got a good amount of shade for that. Fuck em tho! You know the vibes.

Tell us about your most recently dropped project, or an upcoming project.

My most recent project is an EP called “The 49”. I like the project  and I recommend you all listen because it gives you a little insight to who I am.   I am currently working on an album that is being released JANUARY 31st. That is going to be a whole different caliber than anything I’ve ever released. So please, please hold your breath about me until then. I know it’s going to open a lot of eyes.

Are there any artists you enjoy collaborating with the most? Are there any artists, local or mainstream, that you would love to collab with?

I really love working with my guy Ish333 and my mans 1800xZeek. They both bring a different energy out of me and it never disappoints. I have some shit on the way with a few people that I’ve been wanting to work with for a little. As far as people I haven’t, I’d have to say Wintertime is a goal for this year. Definitely getting some shit done with Lil B too. Dream collab is me T$AN and Uzi.

What has been your favorite project you’ve released so far, or the one you’re most proud of?


Who else in our community do you think is Next Up?

RICHRICK and T$AN are gonna demolish this year. Shoutout them. And Rick from Germantown too! much love to my brickyard brother. Sleeper pick to blow this year...Lil Sprout!

What’s next for you?

I’m grinding on this album (songs + vids) and doing some shows this month. That’s it for now. I got so much on the way with some names y’all have seen before so I don’t have much to talk about. Just have to show y’all. Keep your eyes and ears open for me, I’ll find you <3



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