What’s your story?

I go by the name of Raw.Deen, I was born 1996 in Philadelphia, PA, 20th & Tasker to be exact. Growing up was just regular Philly shit I guess. Mom did what she could, we moved around a lot, bad school systems, dangerous neighborhoods but somehow good kid mad city blah blah blah! Eventually my mom got her bread up and we moved to Camden county where I ended up going to middle school. One day I asked my mom for a Macbook for Christmas and she actually got that shit lol. I downloaded garageband and at the time I liked Lil’ Wayne a lot so I would just do remixes on remixes holding the laptop up and recording on the side of the computer then uploading them hos to Facebook. That was 2010 so I’ve been taking music seriously and publishing it publically for 10 years now. Lil fun fact, I wrote my first rap song when I was 5 and got my ass beat when my mom found it so I guess it could be said I always knew what I wanted to do and did it regardless. Fast fwd through moving to Princeton for highschool then dropping out of college twice, coming of age stories and allat WE HERE! Damn near 10k hours later and I still ain’t shit yet lmao.

What does the local music community mean to you?

To be totally honest, nowadays absolutely nothing. Back when I was a pup I used to listen to a lot of battle rap and I really looked up to people like Joey Jihad, Reed Dollaz, AR-AB, Gillie, Meek, etc. That’s the last time I was actually heavily invested in the Philly scene and I was like 12 lol. Present day I’ve tried getting integrated and networking and collaborating and reaching out and all that shit but frfr motherfuckers is fake and jealous. They only fuck with you when you got something going on that they can benefit off of and soon as your work ethic slows down or you go through some shit, on to the next bandwagon. As well as that, way too easily intimidated. Motherfuckers see real talent and get scared that you’re gonna take their plays. Sincerely, I haven’t met one music artist… like, a rapper in my city that’s a genuine person. That’s why I only fuck with producers, camera folk & Dj’s, that way it can never be a conflict of interest. Niggas are leeches that steal ideas and when they see your power levels getting to great they try to shoot you in the foot. They want you doing good but not better than them…. but idk, maybe that’s just the people I’ve met.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations, both locally and mainstream?

I’ve been watching Meek since I was like 10 so I’ll definitely give the local one to my man Robert lol. Going from being that dirty nigga with the ratty braids, to signing to Grand Hustle and getting his songs heard nationally, to Maybach, to owning his own label and being the figure he is in the media today… that shit is just incredible. A local example that great things comes to those that work hard and stay patient. As far as mainstream there are many that I’ve been inspired by. I used to love DMX as a child, 50 Cent, Eminem, Nelly, Big L, Drake, Earl, Kendrick, Styles P, frfr it’s too many to name.

What’s one thing about you that you think is misunderstood? What do people not know about you, or one thing you want people to know?

A lot of people think I’m some asshole dick lmao. I’m blunt and I’m honest and I keep it a stack with the people I care about because I want them to prosper. I may come off as harsh or brash but truthfully my goal is to uplift the people and teach them to uplift themselves. The greatest act a human can do is inspire. This clout shit is fucking fickle, and money isn’t what drives me. What drives me is my music stopping someone from killing themselves, or something I said moving someone enough for them to make change towards the better. I am not a material person.

Tell us about your most recently dropped project, or an upcoming project.

So my last PROJECT was titled “Everything’s Fine” (Available on all streaming). It was about the things that one goes through when they’re faced with the situations I’ve been faced with. Love, loss of love, losing friends, death, suicide, joy, perseverance and finding your inner strength when everything around you is falling…. Everything’s Fine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
My latest single is something I dropped with my producer and good friend Raath called “Wall Ta Wall”. I’ll include the link & cover, it’s available on all streaming platforms.

Are there any artists you enjoy collaborating with the most? Are there any artists, local or mainstream, that you would love to collab with?

I like making music with my friends. I got some cool friends. This interview about me tho so you’ll see them when we drop the music lol. As far as mainstream, just gimme the Drake stimulus package. 1 Drake feature & you’re on, simple as that. It buys you at least 3 follow up singles where people will pay attention lol, that’s just business. But as far as artistically I’d love to do a song with Kendrick. Method Man would be an incredible feature. I also like Schoolboy a lot. Me & Ice JJ Fish would rip shit too no cap.

What has been your favorite project you’ve released so far, or the one you’re most proud of?

So far, Everything’s Fine. BUT, the unreleased music I have is far better in my opinion. I have 3 albums done.

Who else in our community do you think is Next Up?

Just me, they can all eat dog dick. The ladies that are doing their thing are cool tho. Shouts out to all the female Dj’s. Their movement is one I’ve been noticing for a while.

What’s next for you?

Total World Domination. You’ll see.



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